Seleniax Studio

Pics of Gabriel and my new boy Kaeleth. Please ignore my toe. Dx Kaeleth needs lots of work but he’s already so charming.

I made Gabriel, Kaeleth and myself in some random lil animu character creator thing. Twas fun. :3 My boys are le cutes and I look like I’m getting my butt kicked in my game.

Actual giant action figure versus ball jointed doll.


My boys spirit doll rc body came in. It has some silly imperfections but functions beautifully. I love him not being all teenagery anymore. Next step is pants. :/

Sooo update time! I actually got this like a week or two ago but Gabriel is finally in a boy body! Unfortunately he’s too teenagers for me so I’ve already got a 70cm one supposed to be shipped this week. » whoops?
He and Tristan both got new wigs from licht, same style just one is blonde and the other black xP
Also my bits from another ring doll Frankenstein split came in. Basically got all the pieces that aren’t the doll and a brain insert for him since the other girl from the head sale just HAD to have it. I love the outfit and eyes, gas mask and chamber are wicked but the banana yellow wig just doesn’t do it for me. ;( oh well!
Also waiting on a littlefee faceplate and a pukifee faceplate from a fairyland GO. No idea how long that will be but I will survive. > u <


My 2 SimplyDivine boys are here! I probably should have picked the other white resin color but it is not too off from regular white resin so I will make due. ;) Thomas will be shelling my character Tristan who is Gabriel’s angel and lover. Harlequin is going to shell Samael also known as Death who is a reaper of souls.


Bunsy is claiming all Christmas gifts as offerings to our lord Satan!


Did Desdemona’s faceup today since I was unable to sleep. Pretty decent for only my third faceup, even tossed in a manicure while I was at it! I blame the fact that I was listening to The Cure while I was working on her for her intense gothiness.

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